The Loan Application Process

To help our customers easily understand the loan application process, here is a timeline which illustrates the basic steps involved in purchasing or refinancing a property and the approximate time frames for each step. Please note, time frames are subject to variation based upon the lender selected, the valuer commissioned and/or the complexity of the loan application.


1 day

Select the most appropriate product within 40 lenders that best suit your needs.

Loan Application Process

24-48 hours

Your application with the supporting documents will be lodged to the lender within 24 hours.

Conditional Approval

2-3 days

We will receive your conditional approval from the lender on your behalf after 2 days. This will detail any outstanding required prior to Unconditional Approval.

Valuation Process

3-5 days

Upon conditional Approval, lender will order the valuation for your property and will receive the valuation report within 3-5 days.

Unconditional Approval

2-3 days

If the property value is within lender expectation and lending guideline, lender will issue the unconditional approval receipt to us on your behalf.

Mortgage Documents


At this stage, lender will send the mortgage documents to you or your solicitor. You will need to sign them with your solicitor and return to the lender.

Loan Settlement


If you purchase a property

2-5 days

After you have returned the documents your solicitor will contact the lender to arrange the settlement.

If you do Refinancing

2-10 days

After you have returned the documents the lender will liaise directly with your existing lenders to arrange your property refinancing. The existing lender may require up to 10 days to prepare a discharge of the existing mortgage and arrange the settlement.


You loan has been successfully settled and you now could move to your lovely home!