Commercial property finance solutions are available to both investors and owner-occupiers of commercial real estate.

Midas provides efficient debt solutions to property developers, investors and business owners.  

Commercial Variable Rate Loan

Benefit:                          A flexible variable rate loan

Rate:                              Low variable rate for the term of the loan

Loan Term:                     Up to 20 years

Repayment Type/s:        Principal & Interest and/or Interest Only

Repayments:                  Direct Debit

Additional Repayments:   Yes

Commercial Fixed Rate Loan

Benefit:                          Offers protections against rising interest rates

Rate:                              Rate fixed for the term of the loan

Loan term:                      1-5 years

Repayment Type:            Principal & Interest and/or Interest Only

Repayments:                   Direct debit

Additional repayments:    Yes but limited

Commercial Line of Credit

Benefit:                           A equity line to assist with the purchase or refinance of 

                                       commercial property

Rate:                               Low variable rate with interest only charged on balance drawn

Loan term:                       Subject to review after 5 years

Repayment Type:            Interest Only

Repayments:                   Direct debit

Additional repayments:    Yes

Commercial Interest Capitalised Loan

Depending on the transaction parameters and subject to credit approval, some lenders will allow for interest to be capitalised.

These loans do not obligate the borrower to make any repayments, with the interest capitalised/added to the loan amount.

Commercial Low Doc Loan

Similar to residential, low doc commercial loans are for both owner occupied and investors. Because income is self-verified by the applicant there is no requirement to provide tax returns or financial reports. Given the higher rental yield on commercial properties, approval can be based solely on the income from the security property.

This product offering appeals to applicants who:

  • Are self-employed.
  • Experience uneven cash flow.
  • Have difficulty in separating their personal and business cash flows.
  • Do not have up to date financial statements.

While income is not verified, all other lending criteria and guidelines must be satisfied.

Most low documentation commercial loans offer the same functionality as full documentation loans.