Whether you're looking for cash flow assistance, funds to grow your business or finance for new equipment, Midas can offer a variety of attractive and flexible borrowing options to help meet your needs.

 Commercial Line of Credit

If you're ready to grow your business or want to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, a line of credit is your answer.

Interest is only charged on the outstanding balance of funds drawn down. 

 Business Term Loans

Generally a fully drawn facility with either 'interest only' or 'principle and interest'. It's important to structure a term loan so that debt repayments match your business cash flow.

Consideration must be given to your existing debt repayment obligations as well as potential needs that may arise over the term of the loan.

 Fixed Rate Loans

A fixed rate loan is a way for you to obtain finance for your business, with the added security of always knowing what your payments will be. This makes budgeting easier, because your cash flow forecasting and planning can be completed without the added pressure of managing fluctuations in the interest rate.

Commercial Overdrafts

Fluctuating cash flows can make it difficult to manage everyday expenses. An overdraft gives you the flexibility to draw extra money when you need it.

With a pre-approved credit limit, an overdraft allows you to manage fluctuating cash flows and help in a variety of common business situations.

Bill Facility

A Bank Bill is an unconditional written order by one party addressed to a Bank to pay a fixed sum - the bill's face value - at a fixed time to the Bank.

A Bank Bill is a 'bill of exchange'. A 'bill of exchange' is a negotiable instrument on which the name of a bank appears either as acceptor or endorser. Where the bank is the acceptor, the bill ranks as a bank accepted bill. Where the bank has endorsed the bill on the back, either through buying the bill in the market or for a fee to raise the bill's status, it ranks as a bank endorsed bill.

Bank Bill facilities are generally provided for a set term. The term of the Bill will be renegotiated by drawing a fresh Bank Bill for an agreed number of days at each rollover. Bank bills offer a range of repayment options and provide your business with the tools to manage interest rate risk.

Receivables Finance

A facility which provides you with funding in advance for your approved credit sales.