A Career in Mortgage Broking

If you are considering a finance broking career then MIdas can help you take the next step in becoming a Mortgage Broker.

With our partner Vault Mortgage Corporation we can  help you reach your goal of starting your own Mortgage Broking business with number of benefits, including:

  • Working with a well known and reputable company
  • Superior tools and resources
  • Training and support
  • A wide range of products and services

 Here are TEN good reasons why you should become a Mortgage Broker:

1. Becoming a mortgage broker is relatively easy when compared with other professional   roles such as becoming a financial planner, accountant or solicitor. No tertiary education is required and industry experience is not essential to success.

2. Low start-up costs and relatively low on-going costs

3. Ability to work from home.

4. Flexible working hours allowing you to take control of your life.

5. High earning capacity as well as the ability to earn passive income through trailing commissions.

6. Become your own boss… and potentially someone else’s!

7. Consumers, now more than ever, recognise the importance of seeking expert advice on something as important as their mortgage. As a consequence of this, more and more people are turning to the professional service that a mortgage broker provides.

8. A mortgage broking business is a saleable asset. Not only will you have the potential to earn a great income, but you can sell your business in the future should you choose.

9. The mortgage broking industry is a safe and stable industry.

10. Happiness – A recent study found that the group of people who seemed to be the happiest and most content in their lives were those who worked for themselves!



If you require any further details on how to become a Mortgage Broker please fill in and submit an enquiry form  and we will send you the information and instructions on how you can become acredited Finance Broker.